Mining & Quarrying

When it comes to drilling blast holes, "Titandrills" has a full range of innovative tools and accessories to satisfy any surface or underground application requirement.  We have DTH hammers and bits that will drill 2″ – 40″ (50mm-1016mm) diameter deep holes.  

Products and services include:

  • High pressure down-the-hole/DTH hammers.
  • Low pressure down-the-hole/DTH hammers
  • Middle pressure down-the-hole/DTH hammers.
  • Classic Valved DTH hammers.
  • A series Valveless DTH hammers.
  • D series No inner cylinder DTH hammers.
  • Reliable hammer bits.
  • Drill Pipe.
  • Drill rod Adapters.
  • Oil Injection Systems.
  • Chemical Injection Systems.
  • Disassemble machine for DTH hammer
  • Consult on drilling solutions and techniques.
  • On-site training.


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